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This wiki page has been created as a place to find and share family history information. Pierre and Jeanne Broussard Guerry were immigrants to South Carolina. Their application for naturalization by the British can be found on St. Julien's list. This list was created in 1696 to show the names of French and Swiss Refugees applying for naturalization that lived in Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas. Their home village is listed as Sepvret en Poitou, France. Pierre's parents are Jacques and Anne Guerry. Jeanne's parents are listed as Louis and Judith Broussard. The oldest child of Pierre and Jeanne is listed as Francois and his place of birth is given as Dublin, Ireland. Four other children are listed who were born in South Carolina. They are: Jean, Pierre, Jean-Jacques, and Jeanne Elizabeth. This information can be found in The Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina: No, 76, 1971 on page 77. They must have arrived in South Carolina by 1690 at the latest. I suspect that they were here earlier than that. The name of Sepvret is misspelled in the record as Seuvet. Our ancestor is Jean-Jacques so that will be the focus of the research on this wiki.

This is an early map of France. Sepvret is located in present day Deux-Sevres, Poitou-Charentes.
Poitou France, home of the Guerrys

Recent research undertaken in France has produced a copy of the marriage license of Pierre and Jeanne.You can see that this document yielded the maiden names of the mothers, the ages of the bride and groom, the occupations of the men, and the names and relationships of four witnesses.

Source n° 8775

M Pierre GUERRY & Jeanne BROUSSARD 26 Janv. 1676

Auteur : Registre BMS Protestants La Mothe-Saint-Héray (paroisses de Beaussais, Bougon, Chenay, Chey, Exoudun, La Couarde, Pamproux, Sainte-Éanne, Souvigné) 2 MI 7 (1670-1678); Vue 57/246
Du dimanche 26 janvier 1676 ont été
Pierre GUERRY âgé de vingt quatre ans tailleur
d'habits demeurant à la Grannerie paroisse de
Sepvret, fils de Jacques GUERRY tailleur d'habits et de
Anne BLANCHIER d'une part, et Jeanne BROUSSRAD
âgée de dix neuf ans, fille de défunt Louis
BROUSSARD laboureur et de Judich DESCHAMPS, à la
bénédiction duquel mariage ont assisté Jacques
PERROT texier en toile et Samuel BRUN tailleur
d'habits cousin par alliance dudit époux et André
BROUSSARD laboureur cousin germain de la dite épouse et
Louis BROUDDARD laboureur frère de la dite épouse
et ont déclaré ne savoir signer fors les soussignés
de ce enquis

Signature: Pierre GUERY
Release Notes: AD79
English translation

M Jeanne Pierre BROUSSARD & GUERRY 26 Jan 1676

Author: BMS Protestants registry La Mothe-Saint-Héray (Beaussais parishes, Bougon, Chenay, Chey, Exoudun, La Couarde, Pamproux, St. Eanne, Souvigné) 2 MI 7 (1670-1678); View 57/246

Sunday JANUARY 26th 1676
Were married
PIERRE GUERY, 24 years old, tailor, living in La Granerie*,part of Sepvret
Son of Jacques GUERY, tailor, and of Anne BLANCHIER
Jeanne BROUSSARD , 19 years old
Daughter of Louis BROUSSARD (dead), farmer "ploughman" and of Judith DESCHAMPS
Jacques PERROT, weaver, and Samuel BRUN, tailor : Pierre's cousins
André BROUSSARD, first cousin of Jeanne and Louis BROUSSARD, Jeanne's brother
They declare that they are not able to sign except Pierre.
*La Granerie is name of the hamlet which is in the commune of Sepvret in the Department of the Deux Sèvres. http://www.lagranerie.com/

Further research at the Musee de Poitou Protestant in La Couarde
produced the following information :
Anne Blanchier's (11/11/1622) parents were Simon Blanchier and Marie Lezay (11/28/1594) and that Anne had a sister named Isabelle (3/7/1630).
Simon's parents were Antoine Blanchier(1565) and Phillipe Poupinot (1565).
Marie's parents were Abraham Lezay and Anne Magneron.
Phillipe's parents were Francois Poupinot (1540) and Madeline Chansac (1540).
This information is available at the archives, but it is not available online.

Additional research at this same location yielded information on Judith Deschamps' family as follows:

Judith Deschamps (1623) was married to Louis Broussard (1620) and the had the following children:
Jean (2/22/1645)
Isaac (6/15/1647)
Marie (2/5/1650)
Louis (5/23/1651)
Marie (5/1/1553) I am guessing that Marie born in 1650 died before this Marie was born.
Jeanne (1657)

Judith Deschamps' parents were Isaac Deschamps (1595) and Marie Juchault (1595).
Isaac's parents were Mathieu Deschamps and Jeanne Pineau.